Fundraising Orientation

Most volunteers need to raise a certain percentage of their expenses for an AVS assignment.

Here are some ideas:

  • Prepare a letter stating who you are, what the assignment involves, and your part in it. Use the letter as you approach any organization or individual.
  • Prepare a budget showing how the funds will be spent.
  • If sending the letter by mail, include a stamped, self-addressed envelope for replies. However, the most effective method of fundraising is the
  • Personal approach. Make an appointment and deliver the letter yourself.

Who should you approach?

  • Clubs you belong to, churches, and businesses in your home community.
  • Your department chair, deans, chaplains and campus clubs, if you are a student.
  • Your hometown paper so they can publicize your project.
  • Retail stores for cash or supplies, such as film, sleeping bag or backpack, toiletries, walking shoes or sturdy clothing.
  • Local members of state or county government or civic councils may also provide support. They may be interested in a presentation once the project is completed.

Suggestions for fundraising activities:

  • charity concerts (bands, choirs, individuals) (charge admission)
  • bake sales, craft sales, car washes
  • evening events with speakers, family films, plays/mimes (charge admission)
  • run/walk-a-thons (solicit pledges: per mile/km or a lump sum)