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Volunteer to teach English in different East Brazil Union Adventist Schools

Teaching English at different levels and to assist in the school secretariat/teaching area when requested, specially in registration time or at the end of the studying cycle.
East Brazil Union Mission
Cachoeira, Brazil
1 to 2 years
On site


IMPORTANT: Volunteers that apply will be appointed to one of the adventist schools and academies that East Brazilian Union has scattered over its territory. Volunteers must come with the disposition to serve in one of the schools located at the States of Bahia and Sergipe. 

Teach different classes about 8 hours/day, with breaks, Monday to Friday, with possible related activities on Sunday. Volunteers must be able to work with children, young people and/or adults. It is requested that the volunteer participate in the local church activities and help in the Sabbath School Class every Sabbath.


It's preferred that the volunteer has a college degree, or is working towards completing one.

Preferred majors: Education, Communication or English preferred, but other professions are accepted.

He or she must be a fluent speaker and know the basis of the English Language.

Experience teaching children or music is a plus.

English(Fluent) RequiredBrazilian Portugese (Poor) Optional


  • Acceptable Dress: Professional or social style to work, for both gender: Male- Suit/ social pants/ dress shirt/ Female- women's suit/ dress/ skirt/dress shirt/ blouse/ Casual and sport outside of work ours.
  • Unacceptable Dress: Jewelry, piercings, tattoos, colored and/or extreme hairstyles, colored painted nails. The volunteer is asked to use common sense when dressing.


The local Conferences and School leaders will provide an apartment or house for the volunteer and will also provide daily food. 

Living There

Bahia and Sergipe are two Brazilian States with wonderful history and incredible beaches. The schools are located in beautiful cities where you are reach of almost everything you need.

Electricity in Brazil range between 110 to 220V.

In Bahia and Sergipe is always sunny, with very occasional cold chill in the early morning.

Brazilians are very friendly; you will have a lot of friends and enjoy incredible life moments here.

You can also have the opportunity to learn Portuguese language while communicating with locals.


  • Travel from Salvador to the School City - Depending on the price of the ticket it can be by plane or by bus.
  • Room
  • Food
  • ARM Insurance 
  • Stipend of 100 US dollars (Approximately 500 Brazilian Reais)
  • Unique tourism opportunities

Not Included

  • Travel ticket to Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
  • Cellphone 
  • Excess Baggage 
  • Medical / Inoculations


No pets allowed.

This call is for a single person, without children.


Stipend of 100 US dollars (Approximately 500 Brazilian Reais)



For obtaining the residence card in the Brazilian Migrations Bureau, the volunteer needs to bring from his/her country:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Criminal Record Certificate
  • Passport with more than one year before the expiration date

The Birth and Criminal Record certificates must be translated to Brazilian Portuguese and be Apostilled/Authenticated.