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Teacher, ESL

This Assignment will give you experience juggling a variety of responsibilities and teaching different age groups. Use your skills teaching English and Music while experiencing city life.
Hanoi Urban Center of Influence
Hanoi, Viet Nam
10-12 Months
On site


  • Teaching English at different levels (Basic, Intermediate and/or Advanced) at the Go Forward Language Institute in Hanoi.
  • Actively participate in the various activities and events of the Center of Influence.
  • Regularly attend and contribute to the Gateway Adventist Fellowship.
  • Develop community and student friendships through networking and social activities.
  • Teaching responsibilities will be coordinated by the director of Go Forward.
  • Must be teachable, sociable, friendly, flexible, and able to work well as a team member.
  • By precept and example, the AVS volunteer will seek to uphold Christ as their Friend and Lord and will endeavor to lead students to a similar understanding.


  • Must speak/write English as the 1st language.
  • Experience in teaching ESL or conversational English.
  • Bachelors.
  • Fluent in English.


  • Please remember that this location is in a conservative country. The majority of Vietnamese dress smartly and modestly, although styles are changing as western standards become more common. As a Christian language School, we ask that you dress sensitively so as to impact this culture positively.
  • Business attire is recommended for teaching.
    • Men: expected to dress professionally with trousers and a collared shirt while teaching.
    • Women: expected to dress modestly and professionally. Modest shorts are appropriate for jogging/ recreational activities.
    • A conservative hairstyle is preferred for men and women.
  • Unacceptable Dress: Short skirts, plunging necklines and sleeveless blouses are all considered inappropriate. Please refrain from wearing jewelry.


  • Rental accommodation close to Go Forward Language Institute will be provided.
  • Volunteers will prepare their own food and be responsible for keeping the apartment clean.


  • Accommodations
  • Insurance
  • Local Travel
  • Monthly Living Allowance: VND 5,000,000  

Not Included

  • Visa
  • Travel to and from location
  • Medical/Inoculations
  • Food/Meals
  • Utilities: The language school will cover the first 250,000 toward utilities. The volunteer is responsible for their own utility payments.  


Monthly Living Allowance: VND 5,000,000