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Education Department Director

Advise and support education goals in local churches
Egypt-Sudan Field
Heliopolis, Egypt
12-24 months
On site


  • Advising and supporting education goals in local churches
  •  Assisting schools with whole school review and operational and strategic planning
  • Attending School Board meetings
  • Developing and maintaining an education website
  • Encouraging each school to formulate a Spiritual Master Plan
  • Holding regular consultation meetings with principals/headteachers
  • Implementing trainings and the development of curriculum materials
  • Initiating policies to further the mission of the department
  • Managing the on-going review of education policies
  • Monitoring schools’ administrations for best administrative practices
  • Monitoring the impact of schools on students’ spiritual development
  • Organizing the writing of curriculum documents
  • Promoting and monitoring the Adventist identity in our educational institutions
  • Strategic planning
  • Being the secretary of the education sponsorship committee, leading and taking care of the process
  • Chairing the education sponsorship committee meetings
  • Promotes the philosophy of education of the Seventh-day Adventist church
  • Formulate and develop the educational policy and guidelines
  • Foster an efficient and effective education service in all ESF educational institutions
  • Facilitate access to Adventist education for Adventist children.


  • Fluency in English.
  • Bachelors Degree in Education
  • Pastoral Skills


Acceptable Dress:

Men are expected to dress professionally with pants, T-shirts or bottom shirts. Shorts are acceptable only during recreation in touristic areas.

Women are expected to dress conservatively and professionally, covering legs and arms at all times. Ankle length skirts or pants are appropriate. Western conservative Christian clothing is preferred for both genders. The pastoral family will display through their outfit the dignity of their position as leader of the church.

Unacceptable Dress:

 Men - shirts with controversial writing or pictures.

Women - revealing or tight clothing is not allowed. Sleeveless shirts, shorts, and bikinis are not acceptable.


  • Simply furnished apartment, shared with another female volunteer.
  • Beddings, blankets, towel, and other personal stuff for the house should be brought by the volunteer.
  • Electrical Outlets - 220V.

Living There

Egypt has some amazing places to visit and experience. Cairo is an international hub and the school calendar allows for breaks to explore and travel to other locations. All travel during breaks is at the expense of the volunteer including fees to leave and return.

Egypt's climate is hot and dry most of the year with temperatures above 27 degrees celsius for at least 9 months of the year and can easily reach 40 degrees. For 3 months (December to February) the winter can be with minimum temperatures around 10 degrees. It rains very little.


  • Local Travel
  • Insurance
  • Accommodations
  • Utilities - Shared
  • Monthly Living Allowance - 5,000.00 Egyptian pounds.

Not Included

  • Visa
  • Travel to and from location
  • Medical\Inoculations
  • Food/Meal
  • Utilities - Shared


  • This call is for a married couple
  • No accommodations for children are available.


Monthly Living Allowance - 5,000.00 Egyptian pounds.


  • Visa Type: Tourism Visa - Check the status of your country to obtain Egyptian Tourist Visas
  • For most of the countries, the volunteer will get this upon arrival at the airport.
  • You must have 25 USD in your hand upon arriving to the airport in Cairo to obtain your tourist visa.
  • Work Permit  will be Applied for by the calling organization
  • Destination City: Cairo
  • Airport: Cairo International Airport
  • The calling organization will provide pick up and transportation
  • Required Inoculations: Yellow Fever for some countries
  • The pastor will answer to ESF AdCom, to the leadership of its officers. We are looking for a couple whose wife could serve as Education Director for the field. It is not required, but it would be a perfect match for our situation.

Photo by Fynn schmidt on Unsplash