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Campus Youth Ministries

Macao Sam Yuk Middle School
Taipa, Macao
24 Months
On site


The main duties include organizing and leading various spiritual activities of primary or secondary division.

  • Morning worship
  • Weekly chapel
  • Gospel Week
  • Pathfinder/ Adventurer program
  • School camps
  • Sabbath activities
  • Christmas program
  • Bible Study
  • Care/ Prayer Group
  • Providing Spiritual Care & Counseling to the teachers, staff and students
  • Bible study, care/prayer group
  • Providing spiritual care & counseling to the teachers, staff and students.


  • Bachelor's degree 
  • Concentration in Theology/ Religion
  • Master guide with at least two years of working experience in the Pathfinder/Adventurer program.
  • Working experience in leading A Y activities or primary/secondary student activities.
  • Good skill in leading choir/band/orchestra preferred.
  • Language - Fluent English 


  • Acceptable Dress: Non-uniform with professional and dignified style.
  • Unacceptable Dress: Strange hairstyles, unnatural hair dyeing, earrings, necklaces, or any form of jewelry or ornament, bright-colored nail polish. revealing clothes (e.g. sleeveless, tight-fitting, low-cut, short skirt. .. etc.), non-collar shirt (applicable to gentlemen), T-shirt, and leisure pants/ jeans. Causal shoes that expose the toes and heel.


  • One-bedroom apartment (for one person) around 300-400 square feet or two-bedroom apartment (for two persons) around 400-500 s.f. with one kitchen, one washroom basic furniture, appliance (washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioners) and LPG.
  • No housekeeping supplies provided.
  • Electrical current is 220 volts.


  • The flight tickets for coming to Macao to take the job and going home after expiration of the contract.
  • Accommodations
  • Utilities

Not Included

  • Food/Meals
  • Local Travels 
  • Excess Baggage
  • Visa 


Marital Status: Single 


  • Monthly salary MOP12,000 (US$1,400 equivalent) - sufficient for one person living in Macao
  • Relocation allowance 
  • Annual bonus (equivalent to one month's salary) after one year of service, seniority bonus start from the 2nd year
  • Medical insurance



  • Visa: The volunteer is responsible for the visa. 
  • Working permit:  The calling organization is responsible for the working permit. The working permit usually takes two to three months to apply.  


  • Airport: Macao International Airport 
  • Destination City: Macao 
  • Required inoculations: Based on the local policy during the time of coming Macao
  • Other medical recommendations: Report the personal records of various vaccinations to the school

Other information

  • Interview is required. 
  • Please provide an application letter, resume, copy of passport, and copies of bachelor's degree diploma and transcripts. 
  • A contract agreement is required to be signed between the institution and the volunteer. 
  • Orientation will be provided on August 25, 2023
  • Application deadline: March 31, 2023