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ESL Teachers

Help children to learn and study english in an English, Sinhala and Tamil medium schools
Sri Lanka Mission
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Two Years
On site


  • To teach English as a second language.
  • Teach other subjects like science is optional
  • Teaching music and piano essential


Minimum qualification 4 year college

or 10 years experienced in teaching


  • Formal dress - almost all the female teachers wear sarees, slacks are not appropriate for ladies at school.
  • For men shirt & long trousers/ slacks (not jeans) are permitted.
  • Women wearing pants outside or school and work hours is not restricted.


  • A room inside the campus with other teachers or an apartment where single teachers live
  • Most of the houses do not have air conditioners  and the average temperature is 28-30 degrees Celsius.
  • Bedding will be provided and kitchen facilities are available. 
  • Rooms may be shared with another teacher, but in most cases it is not.
  • Electrical voltage is 220 volts  
  • Utilities will be paid
  • transportation to the site from the airport

Living There

Travel to groceries can be arranged, in most cases groceries stores are close by, just a walking distance.

This is a self funded position in which the volunteer is financially responsible for all his daily needs (accept accommodations). Plan on approx. $350.00 per month for food and other personal items.


Accommodation and utilities except for cooking gas.

Not Included

  • airfare
  • insurance including medical
  • Food/meals


No compensation


Photo  by Clarissa Watson on Unsplash