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Assistant Dean

Ready for an adventure whilst serving? Passionate about youth? This is a great opportunity in New Zealand for you to lead and mentor male students at Longburn Adventist College.
Longburn Adventist College
New Zealand
12-24 months
On site


  • Day-to Day Operations: To assist in the day-today operations of the dormitories
  • Work collaboratively with boarding staff to run the dorm programme in accordance with statutes and regulations of the Hostels License, in accordance with ‘The Education (Hostels) Regulations 2005’.
  • Be available for boarder’s spiritual needs.
  • Contribute to a shift roster for supervision of boarders.
  • Assist with meals as required.
  • Maintain attendance registers for on-site and off-site events (eg, meals, worships, study, morning and evening routines and weekend routines).
  • Implement first aid and assist in caring for sick boarders.
  • Implement boarding software to support student management and pastoral care.
  • Support transportation of boarders.
  • Attend boarding staff meetings on a regular basis.
  • Contribute to the daily study programmes for boarders as well as church on Sabbath.
  • Support boarding students in their study programme.
  • Be available at LAC House when boarders are in school.


  • Ability to work and minister to young people.
  • Able to integrate and understand ethnic diversity and live within a multicultural environment.
  • At least two years driving license (manual preferred).
  • Drivers license mandatory.
  • English (Fluent) 
  • Computer literate (experience with Gmail and Microsoft Office/Google Docs).


  • Uniformed when on duty (staff polo shirt and jacket provided). Keep in mind that you will be a role model and seen as leader.
  • Modest, clean, professional and generally appropriate for task at hand.
  • Unacceptable Dress: No offensive messages on apparel. Tattoos must be covered.


  • Self-contained, furnished two bedroom unit within the dormitory.
  • Bedding and linen provided
  • Kitchen utensils and crockery provided.
  • All meals can be eaten with the boarders at the school cafeteria during term time. Please note: Cafeteria meals are only provided during school time when boarders are present.


  • This is a volunteer position that comes with accommodation and food provided free of charge at LAC House and utilities (including work mobile and internet), access to school vehicles (with a personal, local travel allowance of 50km per week) and health insurance (arranged through the Adventist Volunteer Service).
  • There is a weekly living allowance (stipend) of NZD $140.00. During the school holidays, the weekly living allowance increases to $200.00 if the dean is actively volunteering their time in the dorms. If not, no stipend will be made in the holidays.
  • Volunteers are to arrange their own flights and travel. The NZPUC agrees to reimburse up to NZD $2,000.00 for return travel from home upon the completion of the agreed terms of this agreement.
  • If a volunteer dean is required to be sent home due to misconduct, the airfare or cost of travel will be the sole responsibility of the volunteer dean.


  • Must be female


Monthly Living Allowance: NZD560


  • The Religious Workers Visa is the preferred option for successful applicants as not many nationalities can apply for a Working Holiday Visa. LAC can provide assistance with application fees for those applying for a Religious Workers Visa. LAC can provide assistance with application fees for those applying for a Religious Workers Visa
  • All volunteers must obtain a police clearance certificate, it is also required to apply for a Religious Workers Visa.
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