Out of the War Zone

By: Hudson E. Kibuuka, AVS Coordinator for ECD

The countries of Burundi, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo are just emerging from wars that have affected them in several ways. We praise God because peace is returning to these French speaking countries which make up almost half of the East-Central Africa Division (ECD). Many of these countries are now experiencing healing.

The ECD has decided to participate in the rehabilitation program. Its leadership is putting plans in place to rehabilitate churches, schools, clinics and hospitals as well as rebuilding churches and people's souls.

The church operates two universities in these countries, one being the Adventist University of Central Africa (AUCA), whose campus was destroyed but has been re-established in Kigali, Rwanda, as well as the University of Lukanga (UNILUK) in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The church also operates several elementary and secondary schools, clinics, a few technical and nursing schools, and two hospitals. ADRA is active also in addition to the regular church ministries.

Volunteers are desperately needed who are willing to assist in this program of rehabilitation. If you are willing to volunteer your skills for a short period of time to assist with some rebuilding and technical work as well as serving in a school, a clinic, or in evangelism, please send your application through the normal channels as indicated on the AVS website. We shall try to match your skills with one of our needs in these countries. You are also welcome to send inquires for more information to the AVS coordinator, East-Central Africa Division or e-mail kibuukah@ecd.adventist.org.

May God bless you as you think about this invitation.

Hudson E. Kibuuka
AVS Coordinator for ECD

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