Who Is Jesus?

Many people have never heard the name Jesus and He is waiting for them to learn and to make a decision.
By: Sonya Miller

You would not believe the blessing I just received from the LORD. I had the privilege of telling a precious person (my student
Terumi-san) about Jesus Christ. This was the first time she had ever heard His name spoken (she couldn't even say it). She had never even heard of or seen a Bible until tonight. Let me tell you the story.

I was doing my memory verse cards and I lost track of the time, when Terumi-san walked into my classroom. My cards were on the table. I started picking them up and made the
statement, "I'm trying to memorize the Bible." She is really advanced at English but she looked confused so I asked her, “Do you know what the Bible is?" She said she didn't know. I had a Bible under my table and pulled it out.

I turned to Isaiah 53 and showed it to her. I read one verse and she seemed really interested. I said that this is the chapter of how Jesus died for us. She said "Who is Jesus?" I then asked her if she had ever heard of a Christian. She said “yes,” but that was it.

On my little white board, I wrote the most wonderful name: Jesus Christ. Terumi-san tried to say it a few times but had some trouble pronouncing it. Then I wrote “-ian” after Christ, which became Christian, and I explained to her that Jesus Christ is the foundation of Christianity.

I talked to her about how Jesus loves everyone, not only Christians but all people, and that He died and rose again in three days to save us from our sins. She was amazed!! I told her that He came once and He is coming again to bring all people who accept Him to heaven where there will be no death, no pain. I showed her the texts in Revelation 21:1-5 and in John 14 where Jesus promises to return and that we would be with Him forever. Then I told her that God loves everyone so much that He will not come until every last person on earth has had their chance to decide to accept or reject Him.

I asked her if she wanted to start Bible study and she answered “yes.” Then she asked me "How will I study the Bible?" I showed her the studies that we use for all our Bible studies (by Carl Coffman) and told her that she could study in Japanese. She was happy about that, too. So she decided to have the Bible study right after her English lesson.

The LORD really blessed more abundantly than I could ask or think. I praise the LORD that He uses us sinners to spread His love. It is a feeling words can not describe. So be encouraged—there are people who have never heard the name Jesus and He is waiting for them to learn and to make a decision.

I can't wait until the work is done so we all can go home. Please share Jesus today. You may never know if you are telling that person about Jesus for the first time or not.
If the Holy Spirit is laying it on your heart to be a missionary, Japan needs you! Only about 1% of the 130 million Japanese are Christian.

Please pray for Terumi-san. Please pray for us too!

Seth and Sonya Miller, representing Union Collge, serve as volunteers in Japan.

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