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The following call is an intra-division call and is ONLY for volunteers from the North American Division (which includes the following countries: Bermuda, Canada, Guam, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, FS of, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, St. Pierre and Miquelon, United States).

Please do not apply unless you qualify as a North American Division "intra-division" volunteer.

Position Title: Teacher's Aide Call ID: NAD-IN.MLS.2021.01
Request Num: SR21798 Date Call was Listed: Jan 25, 2021
Status: Active Last Updated: May 10, 2021
Number of Positions: Requested Pending Filled Available
  3 1 0 3
Position Description
Country: United States
Calling Organization: Mauna Loa School
Position Type(s): Teaching – Elementary
Length of Service: 10-11 months
Who makes Final Decision:  
Beginning Date: Aug 2, 2021 
Ending Date: May 27, 2022
Urgent? No
Application Deadline:
Cancel call if not filled by: May 27, 2022
Duties:     - Assist in all classroom activities including teaching, grading, tutoring, field trips, project prep
- Provide monitor duties during recess, lunch, and other activities
- Assist and support in the daily and weekly housekeeping tasks at school
- Expected to be involved in the local community & church
- Perform any other duties as requested, tasks may overlap with other workers
On-site Orientation Provided? No
Stipend during Orientation?  No
Orientation Date:
Voice tape/phone interview required? Yes
Institution requires signed agreement?  No
Acceptable Dress: Conservative, professional (by local standards), modest apparel. During school hours, staff are required to wear the school polo as well as khakis, navy, or grey pants or appropriate shorts.
Unacceptable Dress:  Attire that teases or advertises (low necklines, short shorts, mini-skirts, leggings). Dirty, ragged (grunge), low-slung pants. Unnecessary accessories. The school staff and the school board reserves final judgment on issues of apparel.
Lodging   (Requests for a specific gender or age must be related to accommodation issues, maturity, safety or culture.)
Lodging:   Standard furnished bedroom with full access to kitchen, dining, and bathroom/shower facilities. Expect a home environment with one to a room. While we strive to maintain a stable, clean, healthy, and comfortable situation, conditions beyond our control do happen and we will respond promptly. Expect the possibility of needing to relocate due to activities such as renovations, vacation choices, medical exigencies, etc.(For past 2 years workers lived in private home by themselves, next door to the principal.)
Gender: Female
Age Preference: 20+ years
Marital Status: Single
Child Accommodation Available: No
Housing Restrictions:
Qualifications   (Legally, "experience required" must be related to specific duties of position.)
Experience Required:   Preferred applicant be enrolled or graduated as an education major or minor
Languages:  English(Fluent) Required
Minimum Education Preferred:  1 Year College/Univ
Concentration: Education preferred
Trade/Skills: None
Currency: Dollars, United States of America
Finance Type: Regular (Shared Funding)
Expense Responsibility Terms/Comments
Visa   N/A    
Medical / Inoculations   Volunteer/Sponsor    
Travel to/from Location (Volunteer)   Volunteer/Sponsor    
Travel to/from Location (Spouse)   N/A    
Local Travel   Calling Organization    
Travel (Children)   N/A    
Excess Baggage   Volunteer/Sponsor    
Insurance   Calling Organization   For Long Term and Short Term positions: Accident, Sickness & Personal Effects & Baggage (PEB) Insurance Protection for Volunteers. For international volunteers serving in NAD: Short-Term Travel Insurance.  
Accommodations   Calling Organization    
Utilities   Calling Organization    
Food / Meals   Volunteer/Sponsor   Covered by monthly living allowance  
Monthly Living Allowance   Calling Organization   USD 450  
Other   Calling Organization    
Total monthly amount volunteer/sponsor must raise: 0
Additional terms/benefits or comments: - Housing
- Shared use of school vehicle
- Living Allowance of $450/mnth paid semi-monthly (5th and 20th)
Project Expenses:
Total Project Costs: 0
Travel and Visa
Destination City: Hilo
Airport: Hilo International (ITO) or Kailua-Kona (KOA) International Airport
Travel from Airport to Destination: Transportation provided upon arrival
Required Inoculations None
Other Medical Recommendations VOG can severely exacerbate asthema
Visa Required? No           Visa Type:
    Who Applies:
Work Permit Required? No  Who Applies:
Police Clearance Required: Yes
HIV Clearance Required: No
Child Protection Clearance Required:   Yes
Send papers to: Some processing will be done prior to arrival and the rest will be completed upon arrival
Visa/Travel Details:
Requesting Organization
Organization Name: Mauna Loa School
Calling Division: North American Division
Calling Union: Pacific Union Conference
Calling Conference: Hawaii Conference
Country: United States
Supervisor: Freitas, Joey
Title: Principal
Additional Information
Starting & end dates semi-flexible; to be finalized with supervisor. Provided: - Housing - Shared use of school vehicle - Living Allowance of $450/mnth paid semi-monthly (5th and 20th) Health Issues Please note that the presence of Vog (volcanic fog) can aggravate asthma. Add'nl Info - Expect long days. 7am till 5pm (with lunch break) Monday – Friday (2020-21 year workers work from 7am - 4:15pm, Mon-Thurs, and 7am – 12:15pm, Fri.) - Expected to attend the local church - Must adhere to all standards set forth by the Seventh-day Adventist church — no jewelry, body piercings (please ask), immodest clothing, cussing or swearing, alcohol, drugs - As a missionary, expect to set an example, not just do the minimum required - Must speak English fluently - Must be able to follow verbal and written directions and document task progress - Must be able to drive legally in the USA This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone wanting to experience and serve in the school environment. We have a warm loving staff and amazing students. Come and serve with us.
Approved By:   Joey Freitas, Mauna Loa School for Mauna Loa School on Jan 20, 2021. Entered by: Freitas, Joey