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Position Title: Assistant Dean of Boys Call ID: TED.DJC.2021.01
Request Num: SR21757 Date Call was Listed: Jan 13, 2021
Status: Inactive Last Updated: Feb 22, 2021
Number of Positions: Requested Pending Filled Available
  3 0 3 0
Position Description
Country: Denmark
Calling Organization: Danish Junior College-Vejlefjordskolen
Position Type(s): Dean
Length of Service: 11-12 months
Who makes Final Decision:   Calling Org
Beginning Date: Aug 1, 2021 
Ending Date: Jun 30, 2022
Urgent? No
Application Deadline:
Cancel call if not filled by: Jun 30, 2022
Duties:     Details about Vejlefjordskolen:
Vejlefjordskolen has approx. 120 students in the dormitories. Boys and girls live in separate buildings. They are allowed to visit one another within certain hours. Volunteers help to make sure that these limits are kept. More than half of the students come from a non Adventist background and most from a non-Christian background. This makes it a challenge to make the life on campus understandable to new students. Several of the students have had difficulties before coming to us. This can be parents divorce, other family problems or personal problems. Having both native Adventist students and non-Christian students is a huge challenge when we have devotionals and also in the normal school life.

We want to see our students grow, spiritually as well as educationally. We have a health profile, which makes us challenge our students to take care of themselves. This means varied vegetarian food, regular sleep, a lot of exercise. The students are expected to do 5 hours of labour, such as cleaning classrooms, per week.

As a volunteer you will be expected: to be 20+ years of age, be a baptized member of the Seventh day Adventist Church, have a drivers license, be willing to serve and excited about working with youth. Your English must be fluent. If you are not from an English speaking country you will be interviewed on Face Time before your application can be considered.

You will be working in shifts on average 42.5 hours per week with other volunteers, being assistant deans in our dormitories.

The work as assistant dean consists of: waking up the junior students, helping students during the day, looking after the sick, enforcing school standards, leading out in devotionals, leading out in sports, being the leader of a group of students in their cleaning jobs, being a role model in faith and living, being available as a friend and guide for the students.

You will be sleeping in one of our dormitory buildings and function as a fireguard at night time, which of course requires that you are in the building between 00 and 06 am.

We want our volunteers to take initiatives such as, making fun and social activities with the students, playing sports with the students, taking initiative to sing groups/prayer groups/bible study group or other spiritual activities.

You will get: The option of using a car for local trips. You will also get a lot of experience as leader and great opportunities for witnessing. A year of challenges that will develop your skills in music, witnessing, leadership, friendship, sports (soccer, basketball, volleyball, water skiing, running, swimming, table tennis, fitness etc.).

On-site Orientation Provided? Yes
Stipend during Orientation?  Yes
Orientation Date:
Voice tape/phone interview required? Yes
Institution requires signed agreement?  No
Acceptable Dress: Casual wear is very normal - even for church. You might want to bring some warm clothes as it is cold in the winter. We will provide you with one set of sports clothes.
Unacceptable Dress: 
Lodging   (Requests for a specific gender or age must be related to accommodation issues, maturity, safety or culture.)
Lodging:   A room with table, bed, chair, cupboard and a chest of drawers. Power supply is 220 V ac with European plugs. You are responsible for cleaning your own room. Meals will be provided in the dinning hall.
Gender: Male
Age Preference: 20+ years
Marital Status: Single
Child Accommodation Available: No
Housing Restrictions: We are only able to accept single volunteers, no couples.
Qualifications   (Legally, "experience required" must be related to specific duties of position.)
Experience Required:   1. Your English has to be very good and clear, so you can communicate with our students. To ensure this - I need an oral interview with you (typically on Facetime or Skype) 2. We are looking for applicants with as many as possible of the following skills: a. A living faith in Jesus and the ability to communicate it in words and life. b. Experience in working with the age group 13 - 19 and ability to interact with them. c. Preferably a person with skills in areas like sports, crafts, outdoor and leadership. d. Driver's license is a must
Languages:  English(Fluent) Required
Minimum Education Preferred:  1 Year College/Univ
Currency: Kroner, Denmark
Finance Type: Regular (Shared Funding)
Expense Responsibility Terms/Comments
Visa   Volunteer/Sponsor    
Medical / Inoculations   Volunteer/Sponsor    
Travel to/from Location (Volunteer)   Volunteer/Sponsor    
Travel to/from Location (Spouse)   N/A    
Local Travel   Calling Organization    
Travel (Children)   N/A    
Excess Baggage   Volunteer/Sponsor    
Insurance   Calling Organization   For Long Term and Short Term positions: Accident, Sickness & Personal Effects & Baggage (PEB) Insurance Protection for Volunteers. For international volunteers serving in NAD: Short-Term Travel Insurance.  
Accommodations   Calling Organization    
Utilities   Calling Organization    
Food / Meals   Calling Organization    
Monthly Living Allowance   Calling Organization   DKK 1950 DKK  
Other   Calling Organization    
Travel and Visa
Destination City: Vejle
Airport: Billund airport
Travel from Airport to Destination: Will be picked up
Required Inoculations
Other Medical Recommendations
Visa Required? Yes           Visa Type: Volunteer
    Who Applies: The aplicant once they arrive in DK
Work Permit Required? Yes  Who Applies: is a part of the Visa (the volunteer)
Police Clearance Required: Yes
HIV Clearance Required: No
Child Protection Clearance Required:   Yes
Send papers to:
Deadline: Mar 31, 2020
Visa/Travel Details: Once you arrive in Denmark we will help you apply for the visa
Requesting Organization
Organization Name: Danish Junior College-Vejlefjordskolen
Calling Division: Trans-European Division
Calling Union: Danish Union of Churches Conference
Calling Conference:
Country: Denmark
Supervisor: Fisher, Pia
Title: Boarding School Dean
Additional Information
It's an advantage if you like the outdoors or play any sports.
Approved By:   Pia Fisher, Dean for Danish Junior College-Vejlefjordskolen on Jan 13, 2021. Entered by: Plaatjes, Judy