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The following call is an intra-division call and is ONLY for volunteers from the North American Division (which includes the following countries: Bermuda, Canada, Guam, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, FS of, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, St. Pierre and Miquelon, United States).

Please do not apply unless you qualify as a North American Division "intra-division" volunteer.

Position Title: Task Force Volunteer Call ID: NAD-IN.HIS.2020.01
Request Num: SR20723 Date Call was Listed: Feb 13, 2020
Status: Active Last Updated: Feb 13, 2020
Number of Positions: Requested Pending Filled Available
  2 0 0 2
Position Description
Country: United States
Calling Organization: Holbrook Adventist Indian School
Position Type(s): Dean, Teaching – Other, Academic
Length of Service: 12 months
Who makes Final Decision:   Calling Org
Beginning Date: Jul 26, 2020 
Ending Date: Jul 25, 2021
Urgent? No
Application Deadline:
Cancel call if not filled by: Jul 25, 2021
Duties:     -Be a positive Christian role model for the students and uphold the standards of the Seventh-day Adventist church.
-Have the willingness and ability to relate/connect with Native American students.
-Have a commitment, interest and understanding in establishing and maintaining a helping relationship with students on a daily basis.
-Ability to multi-task and communicate effectively.
-Flexible, open and eager to learn job functions.
-Must pass a background check, have a valid driver's license and be at least 21 years of age for insurance purposes
-Assist in the planning, coordination of dorm programs and student supervision.
Have an understanding and uphold HIS school/residential policies and emergency protocols.
-I will adhere to all HIS policies stated in the Staff and Student Handbook, regardless of personal opinion about the policies as I am held to the same standard as the residents and will uphold the policies when they are broken.
-I understand that all policies are for the safety, security, academic success and personal development of all HIS students and will present them in this way when confronting student behavior.
-I will support other staff members and supervisors in the presence of residents at all times. -Any differences or questioning of procedures will occur during weekly staff meeting or in private.
-I will respect other staff member’s opinions, abilities and differences.
-I will not bring any complaints to the table without first thinking of possible solutions/outcomes.
-I understand that even if I am not on duty, as a Task Force volunteer I can be asked and may be required to respond to emergency situation.
-Complete all required documentation via Renweb when necessary.
-I understand that my building is a reflection of how much I care. It is my responsibility to call in all needed repairs and custodial issues immediately. I will take ownership of the community.
-I am not a police officer or professional counselor, I will make appropriate referrals and trust that those individuals will handle situations that are beyond my responsibility.
-I will be on time (5 MIN early) to all shifts, attend and participate in all training programs and dorm staff meetings.
-I will check my email and phone periodically as that is one of the main lines of communication.
-Assist students with homework and in classes to ease their transition to the campus environment.
-Develop the trust, respect, and confidence of HIS students.
-Perform other duties as assigned by the Head Dean.
On-site Orientation Provided? Yes
Stipend during Orientation?  No
Orientation Date:
Voice tape/phone interview required? Yes
Institution requires signed agreement?  Yes
Acceptable Dress: -Staff members are expected to dress professionally. -Personal appearance should be in keeping with the principles of Christian modesty. -The staff should dress appropriately for the classroom, office, or work area assigned to them. -Jewelry is limited to wedding bands/engagement rings/pins/watches.
Unacceptable Dress: 
Lodging   (Requests for a specific gender or age must be related to accommodation issues, maturity, safety or culture.)
Lodging:   Studio apartment and all utilities are covered.
Gender: Either
Age Preference: ANY years
Marital Status: Either
Child Accommodation Available: No
Housing Restrictions:
Qualifications   (Legally, "experience required" must be related to specific duties of position.)
Experience Required:  
Languages:  English(Fluent) Prefered
Minimum Education Preferred:  High School/Secondary
Concentration: Willingness, patience and heart to help those others in need.
Currency: Dollars, United States of America
Finance Type: Supported
Expense Responsibility Terms/Comments
Visa   N/A    
Medical / Inoculations   N/A    
Travel to/from Location (Volunteer)   Calling Organization   We pay to get the volunteer to the school and back home. We will work with the volunteer to purchase the plane ticket or reimburse them mileage if they drive. A return trip will be provided with the completion of one year.  
Travel to/from Location (Spouse)   Calling Organization    
Local Travel   Calling Organization   All local travel in conjunction with school activities is covered by the school.  
Travel (Children)   Calling Organization    
Excess Baggage   Calling Organization    
Insurance   Calling Organization   For Long Term and Short Term positions: Accident, Sickness & Personal Effects & Baggage (PEB) Insurance Protection for Volunteers. For international volunteers serving in NAD: Short-Term Travel Insurance.  
Accommodations   Calling Organization    
Utilities   Calling Organization    
Food / Meals   Volunteer/Sponsor    
Monthly Living Allowance   Calling Organization   USD $45/day  
Other   N/A    
Total monthly amount volunteer/sponsor must raise: 0
Project Expenses: NA
Total Project Costs:
Travel and Visa
Destination City: Holbrook, AZ
Airport: Sky Harbor International Airport
Travel from Airport to Destination: We can arrange pick up
Required Inoculations
Other Medical Recommendations
Visa Required? No           Visa Type:
    Who Applies:
Work Permit Required? No  Who Applies:
Police Clearance Required: Yes
HIV Clearance Required: No
Child Protection Clearance Required:   Yes
Send papers to: If offered the position we will arrange for these documents
Visa/Travel Details:
Requesting Organization
Organization Name: Holbrook Adventist Indian School
Calling Division: North American Division
Calling Union: Pacific Union Conference
Calling Conference:
Country: United States
Supervisor: Campos, Ulysses
Title: Vice Principal
Approved By:   Pedro Ojeda, Principal for Holbrook Adventist Indian School on Nov 14, 2019. Entered by: Campos, Ulysses