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Position Title: ESL and English Teacher Call ID: MENAU.NUA.2014.04
Request Num: SR14851 Date Call was Listed: Feb 5, 2020
Status: Inactive Last Updated: Feb 5, 2020
Number of Positions: Requested Pending Filled Available
  1 0 0 0
Position Description
Country: Egypt
Calling Organization: Nile Union Academy
Position Type(s): Teaching – English/Religion, Teaching – ESL, Teaching – Secondary
Length of Service: 10 months
Who makes Final Decision:   Calling Org
Beginning Date: Aug 15, 2014 
Ending Date: Jun 15, 2015
Urgent? Yes
Application Deadline: Jun 15, 2014
Cancel call if not filled by:
Duties:     Volunteers primary duty is to teach English as a second language classes. Teaching is in English. Students are learning English as their second language. Other duties include: Supervision, support of schools overall programme.
On-site Orientation Provided? Yes
Stipend during Orientation?  Yes
Orientation Date: Aug 15, 2014
Voice tape/phone interview required? Yes
Institution requires signed agreement?  Yes
Acceptable Dress: Teacher attire! Some of your students will be older than you, so you will want to dress in a way that sets you apart from your students. Dress is VERY conservative. Please be mindful of the culture. MEN: For work, must wear collared shirts (short or long sleeve) that are clean and pressed. Nice pants. Look professional. For church, dress shirt with a tie and nice pants. No jeans. During off hours, jeans and t-shirts are OK as long as they are in good repair. WOMEN: Shoulders, midriff and legs must be covered. For work, dresses or skirts below the knee, blouses (short or long sleeve) that completely cover the shoulders and upper arms. Nice pants are OK. Look professional. For church, the same is OK. During off hours, jeans and t-shirts are OK as long as they are in good repair.
Unacceptable Dress:  The school is located in a conservative Muslim neighborhood so applicants must dress conservatively. No shorts, tank tops or any sleeveless clothing including caped sleeves. No short tops that show midriff, no low cut blouses. No short tops that show midriff, no low cut blouses.
Lodging   (Requests for a specific gender or age must be related to accommodation issues, maturity, safety or culture.)
Lodging:   Shared "apartment" type housing with other Student Missionaries. All meals are provided in the cafeteria, however a refrigerator is also provided in the living area for convenience. A washing machine is provided. All electricity is 220V so be mindful of any electronic equipment brought and whether or not a small transformer will also need to be brought. All computer equipment is dual voltage so not a problem. Meals, lodging, utilities and housekeeping supplies are all provided.
Gender: Either
Age Preference: ANY years
Marital Status: Either
Child Accommodation Available: No
Housing Restrictions: Can accommodate married couples without children. Would consider married couples with children.
Qualifications   (Legally, "experience required" must be related to specific duties of position.)
Experience Required:   Need to have good language skills and enjoy people. Preferably a English/Language major in college. This call will remain open until it is filled. We will accept volunteers throughout the year.
Languages:  English(Fluent) Required
Minimum Education Preferred:  2 Years College/Univ
Concentration: No major required. Good understanding of English and willingness to learn is necessary.
Currency: Pounds, Egypt
Finance Type: Regular (Shared Funding)
Expense Responsibility Terms/Comments
Visa   Volunteer/Sponsor    
Medical / Inoculations   Volunteer/Sponsor   Complete inoculations before coming  
Travel to/from Location (Volunteer)   Volunteer/Sponsor    
Travel to/from Location (Spouse)   Volunteer/Sponsor    
Local Travel   Volunteer/Sponsor   Unless travel is for a school-sponsored activity in which case it is paid for by the calling organization.  
Travel (Children)   Volunteer/Sponsor    
Excess Baggage   Volunteer/Sponsor    
Insurance   Calling Organization   For Long Term and Short Term positions: Accident, Sickness & Personal Effects & Baggage (PEB) Insurance Protection for Volunteers. For international volunteers serving in NAD: Short-Term Travel Insurance.  
Accommodations   Calling Organization    
Utilities   Calling Organization    
Food / Meals   Calling Organization    
Monthly Living Allowance   Calling Organization   EGP 300 Egyptian Pounds / approx. USD $41  
Other   Calling Organization    
Total monthly amount volunteer/sponsor must raise: 0
Travel and Visa
Destination City: Cairo, Egypt
Airport: Cairo International Airport (CIA)
Travel from Airport to Destination: The volunteer will be met at the airport and transportation will be provided.
Required Inoculations Please see your local clinic. You will be in rural Egypt. Typhoid, Hepatitus A should be on their list
Other Medical Recommendations Bring one years supply of any medications you take on a regular basis. Polio booster and Hepatitus B are also recommended. You need to be current with routine vaccinations.
Visa Required? Yes           Visa Type: TOURIST visa which can be obtained at the Cairo Airport for $15.00 USD.
    Who Applies: Volunteer - can be applied for at the airport upon arrival
Work Permit Required? No  Who Applies:
Police Clearance Required: No
HIV Clearance Required: No
Child Protection Clearance Required:   No
Send papers to: Please scan and email to Pastor Tom Decker. Email address is
Deadline: Jul 31, 2014
Visa/Travel Details: Initial visa will be a TOURIST visa good for 30 days. Renewal will be done by NUA, charges for renewing will be paid for by NUA. HIV test is required for the second visa.
Requesting Organization
Organization Name: Nile Union Academy
Calling Division: Middle East and North Africa Union Mission
Calling Union: Egypt-Sudan Field
Calling Conference:
Country: Egypt
Supervisor: Doss, Richard
Title: Principal
Additional Information
NUA is a SDA Coed Boarding Academy. We have about 130 students from Egypt, and Sudan. You will be successful if you teach them your subject material and get close to them. We are located about 1 1/2 hours from downtown Cairo. We live of a 35 acre walled compound with a gateman and a night watchman. It is in a safe location and we have felt safe throughout the challenges in Egypt's revolution. Our school year is successful when everyone does what needs to be done to have a successful school year. Teaching is the volunteer’s primary duty, but everyone helps with many other tasks to make the school operate efficiently. There are about 30 staff members on campus about half are Egyptian and half are western. There could be up to 6 student missionaries here this next school year. You will get three vacations during the year: October Home leave (1 week), Christmas Home leave (about two weeks - our SM's went to Israel this Christmas), Easter (More touring or visiting of students in their homes).
Approved By:   Richard Doss, Principal for Nile Union Academy on Jan 7, 2014. Entered by: Doss, Richard