Position Title: Girls Dean Call ID: MENA.NUA.2020.21
Request Num: SR21285 Date Call was Listed: Jun 15, 2020
Status: Inactive Last Updated: Jun 15, 2020
Number of Positions: Requested Pending Filled Available
  1 0 0 0
Position Description
Country: Egypt
Calling Organization: Nile Union Academy
Position Type(s): Dean
Length of Service: 10 months
Who makes Final Decision:   Calling Org
Beginning Date: Aug 3, 2020 
Ending Date: Jun 10, 2021
Urgent? Yes
Application Deadline: Jun 30, 2020
Cancel call if not filled by: Jun 10, 2021
Duties:     NUA Staff Job Description
Nile Union Academy (NUA) exists to promote God’s work in the lives of young people.

Our mission is to attract, educate, and train young people to surrender their head, heart, and hands to the God of the universe.

1. Job Title: Dean of Girls

2. Key Objectives: Parent the girls on our campus with respect, dignity and compassion.

3. Description of Responsibilities:
A. Personnel: Dean for girls on campus
B. Plant: Girls Dormitory
C. Main Tasks: Ensure that the girls dormitory is running efficiently and effectively in a Christ-like manner. Attend to the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual needs of the girls each and everyday.

4. Line of Responsibility
A. Responsible to: Principal
B. Responsible for: Assistant Deans, Residents Advisors, Girls on Campus

5. Description of Job Process
General Work
A. Lovingly participate in the social and spiritual life of NUA students.
B. Organize and schedule student workers to accomplish the tasks the dormitory needs to run efficiently and effectively.
C. Create and maintain the structures for time in the dorm that allow the girls to go to bed and wake up to perform their goals for school.
D. Manage study hall in the dorm.
E. All other duties as assigned by the principal.

7. Day to Day Work
A. Maintain a clean and functioning dorm, including bathrooms and trash cans outside the dorm. Submit repair orders to maintenance in a timely manner.
B. Get girls to line call in the morning
C. Organize dorm workers in daily tasks
D. Supervise study hall in the dorm.
E. Approve gate passes and home leave requests with up-to-date documentation ledger
F. Connect and meet with each dorm room, each day
G. Diffuse problems in the dorm as they arise
H. Accompany students to the hospital that need medical attention
I. Attend Staff Meeting
J. Attend Morning Staff Worship
K. Organize Dorm worships when separate from the girls
L. Be on Dean’s Counsel
M. All other duties as assigned by the principal.

8. Month to Month Work
A. Supervision duties as scheduled
B. Be on NUA administrative committee
C. All other duties as assigned by the principal.

9. Year to Year Work
A. Clean, Repair, and maintain the girls Dorm to make sure the building is ready to open each school year.
B. Attend NUA’s Pre-session and Post session at the beginning and end of summer
C. Be on Admissions Committee
D. All other duties as assigned by the principal.

On-site Orientation Provided? Yes
Stipend during Orientation?  Yes
Orientation Date: Aug 9, 2020
Voice tape/phone interview required? Yes
Institution requires signed agreement?  No
Acceptable Dress: Women are expected to dress conservatively and professionally, covering legs and arms at all times. Ankle length skirts or pants are appropriate.
Unacceptable Dress:  Women - revealing or tight clothing is not allowed.
Lodging   (Requests for a specific gender or age must be related to accommodation issues, maturity, safety or culture.)
Lodging:   Efficiency apt, or house with multiple occupants, two AVS to a room. Kitchen, LVR, bathroom etc.
Gender: Female
Age Preference: ANY years
Marital Status: Either
Child Accommodation Available: No
Housing Restrictions:
Qualifications   (Legally, "experience required" must be related to specific duties of position.)
Experience Required:   1. Preferred -- multiple years as an academy dean of girls, working multi-culturally 2. Organized, detail person
Languages:  English(Fluent) Required
Minimum Education Preferred:  4+ Years College/Univ
Concentration: Education, Psychology, Social Work
Trade/Skills: Multi-year experience administering a secondary girls dorm. Able to train ones associate to take-over the Head Dean Position after a semester or a year at the applicants discretion.
Currency: Dollars, United States of America
Finance Type: Regular (Shared Funding)
Expense Responsibility Terms/Comments
Visa   Volunteer/Sponsor   TOURIST visa which can be obtained at the Cairo Airport for $25.00 USD. Depending on your nationality! Check on-line!  
Medical / Inoculations   Volunteer/Sponsor    
Travel to/from Location (Volunteer)   Volunteer/Sponsor    
Travel to/from Location (Spouse)   Volunteer/Sponsor    
Local Travel   Calling Organization   NUA will pay for any work related travel.  
Travel (Children)   Volunteer/Sponsor    
Excess Baggage   Volunteer/Sponsor    
Insurance   Calling Organization   For Long Term and Short Term positions: Accident, Sickness & Personal Effects & Baggage (PEB) Insurance Protection for Volunteers. For international volunteers serving in NAD: Short-Term Travel Insurance.  
Accommodations   Calling Organization    
Utilities   Calling Organization    
Food / Meals   Calling Organization    
Monthly Living Allowance   Calling Organization   USD 1000EGP or about U.S.$60  
Other   Calling Organization    
Additional terms/benefits or comments: You will receive instruction from NUA admin. regarding your entry and processing through the Cairo Int. Airport. When you exit the airport there will be NUA arranged driver and staff member there to meet/greet/assist you.
Travel and Visa
Destination City: Cairo
Airport: Cairo Int. Airport
Travel from Airport to Destination: calling org.
Required Inoculations Yellow fever
Other Medical Recommendations In good health
Visa Required? Yes           Visa Type: Tourist visa bought at airport
    Who Applies: Volunteer at airport
Work Permit Required? Yes  Who Applies: Calling org.
Police Clearance Required: No
HIV Clearance Required: No
Child Protection Clearance Required:   No
Send papers to: Airport will require certain precautions regarding Corona Virus
Deadline: Jul 15, 2020
Visa/Travel Details: Due to the virus NUA is still working out details for opening of school. We will keep you posted
Requesting Organization
Organization Name: Nile Union Academy
Calling Division: Middle East and North Africa Union Mission
Calling Union: Egypt-Sudan Field
Calling Conference:
Country: Egypt
Supervisor: Jenks, Lowell
Title: Principal
Additional Information
The culture is quite conservative in dress!!!
Approved By:   Lowell Jenks, Interim Principal for Nile Union Academy on Jun 10, 2020. Entered by: Jenks, Lowell