Sponsor a HisHands Missionary:

Imagine your church or organization choosing missionary projects, selecting church member(s) to serve as a HisHands missionary volunteer, and raising the funds to send them into service.

Host a HisHands Missionary:

Imagine another church or organization sending you a full time HisHands missionary volunteer to help spread the gospel, free of charge to your church!

Imagine what could happen - you could choose to receive an assistant pastor; the youth might be given a new leader; your church might receive a fulltime Bible worker or an evangelist. The possibilities are endless!

Serve as a HisHands Missionary:

Is God calling you to serve as a HisHands volunteer missionary? Ask your church to sponsor you to serve at home, somewhere in your country or in your division, or overseas! It will change your life and the lives of precious souls.

This site is currently under Construction and should be completed by the end of 2008. Until then we are utilizing the Adventist Volunteer Service website to facilitate the HisHands program.